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We are thrilled to share our mission with you! At Sunshyne Charities, we are dedicated to bridging the gap for individuals in Thurston County who need help paying for vital Home Care services but fall outside the qualifications for Medicare/Medicaid due to their income. Join us in making a difference in our community!

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Home Care Agencies in

Thurston County


Average cost of home care per year


Median Income


Charity to bridge the gap

"Sunshyne Charities"

Per the US census bureau 2020-2021

Community Garden

"Join the Movement: How You
Can Make a Difference with
Sunshyne Charities"

 Consider donating to our cause. We rely on fundraising and donations to help people get the care they need. Your contribution can make a significant impact.

Get To Know Us

Are you interested in learning about our origins and meeting our amazing team? Let's begin!

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